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Vetericyn Plus® wound, skin, eye, and ear products are built on a technology platform that contains super-oxidized hypochlorous (HOCl) solution. HOCl is used for cleansing, irrigating, debriding, and moisturizing wounds and is quickly becoming the new standard of care for chronic wounds in human and animal health.

Vetericyn®最新研發的Vetericyn® Plus 能快速治癒寵物的傷口和解決皮膚過敏等的問題。Vetericyn® Plus先進的 Hypochlorous 次氯酸技術能模仿動物自身免疫系統對抗病菌的能力,利用氧氣殺死細菌、真菌和病毒,不會傷害健康細胞,安全如水。

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