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PULLER was developed by professional dog breeders, to simplify dog training and foster understanding between the trainer/owner and the dog. PULLER is able to provide the necessary workout. Just 3 simple exercises for 20 minutes equal to 5 km intensive run or a 2-hour lesson with an instructor on the training ground.

Puller 由專業犬隻訓練員研發,在美國,加拿大,歐洲及東歐多個國家深受歡迎。 以特別專利材料製造,輕巧、能浮水、無毒、無味、不損害愛犬牙齒。適合大家與愛犬在戶外及水中作訓練之用。配合簡單的指令,每日與愛犬使用20分鐘,相等於進行5小時的密集式跑步。適量的運動除了可以增進大家與愛犬間的感情, 還能夠幫助愛犬肌肉和關節的發展,保持體格強健,減少癡肥,不服從等問題,或因無法釋放過多精力而對家具進行破壞的機會。

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